ZEG Story

Georgia is Zeg SKINCARE; our home, a place where the legacy of tradition meets the pace of modernity.

A place where time has crafted a distinctively beautiful language, entirely exclusive to the region, creating irreplaceable words that perfectly articulate a sentiment in just 3 letters

Where the most divergent climate with more extremes than anywhere else in Europe, designs a landscape of remarkable botanicals, unique to the region.

We draw our inspiration from the land, the plants that thrive in extremes and the legacy of generations who have harvested them to be consumed for their restorative, therapeutic benefit. 

It is from here, we began.

THOUGHTS ON: Empowerment.

You are Zeg SKINCARE: We believe that your true skin is in your hands, under your control and achieving that, is just a journey of transformation.

Our skincare solutions are powerful, our formulations deliver long-term solutions designed to fit with modern lifestyles.

To meet the challenges of the shifting environment, we have consciously crafted the collection to be respectful of the delicate balance of the world, striving to create sustainable solutions for the issues of modern living. We select ingredients that create a partnership of efficacy and authenticity. Unique, indigenous botanicals with a history of wellbeing and healing, work with established ingredients to balance skin health and wellbeing.

To us, ageing is power, knowledge, wisdom and insight. Ageing is a journey that is unique to each of us, our experiences, how they shape us and  the expressions that sculpt our faces. Life lines are a privilege, they tell our story.  We are in control of how that story is reflected by nourishing our skin to move with the passing of time.

 We want to give you the best skin of your life, celebrate your journey.

 Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.


We are Zeg SKINCARE: Irina and Nino, long-term friends, born in Georgia but raised by the world. We have been on a journey for many years, sharing our experiences as mothers, entrepreneurs, shaped by how life changes us and our skin. This connection gave us the strength and insight to create this collection.

Born from passion, crafted through personal experience, infused with a desire to share the exceptional beauty of our home.


From the hills and valleys, from the land to the lab…we beckon in a new dawn for skincare.