ZEG is the Georgian word for ‘the-day-after-tomorrow’ and now the name of a skincare range.

It was chosen to convey the fact that the products are designed to be long-term, results-focussed therapies rather than short-term fixes.

More importantly, the country, located precisely where Europe meets Asia, is the source of an astonishingly wide variety of botanicals which will obviously feature in ZEG products, although high-tech, 21st-century scientific principles (and UK/USA laboratory research) also feature in order to optimise effectiveness.


Passionate founders of Zeg Beauty Irina and Nino were born in Georgia. They wanted to create a beautiful, high quality but accessible skincare brand with superb production values. With a potent healing botanical heritage and a focus on sustainability, they decided to combine nature with the scientific advances to deliver something very special to the skintellectual skincare consumers.